A Guide to Waist Training after Pregnancy

Many celebrity moms have been spotted wearing a cincher shortly after giving birth. Should you follow in their footsteps? Getting rid of the baby weight isn’t always the easiest of tasks. In many adverts, celebs swear that waist trainers have done the trick for them.

If you’re about to start waist training in an attempt to boost your self-confidence after giving a birth, there are several things you should know. When done correctly, waist training can be really beneficial.

Postpartum Waist Training

The cincher market has a specialised range of products known as postpartum waist trainers. As you’ve probably guessed already, these cinchers have a couple of differences from the traditional waist trainers.

A postpartum girdle or waist trainer is usually made of a breathable material and it allows easier adjustment that a standard boned cincher. There typically is an adjustable closure that allows you to decide how much compression you want to get.

Just like a regular waist trainer, this one is designed to make your waist smaller after giving birth. A postpartum cincher, however, is more comfortable and it’s not going to be as tight-fitting as the regular thing.

The Benefits of Postpartum Waist Training

After giving birth to your baby (whether you go for natural labour or a c-section), chances are that your abdominal muscles have gotten significantly weaker. It will take some time, usually months, to get that flat tummy once again.

The right postpartum cincher provides those weakened muscles some support. It literally “tucks” the tummy in and helps for your faster recovery. Apart from shaping up the waist and giving you that coveted hourglass figure, the postpartum cincher is also very beneficial for restoring the firmness of the abdominal muscles.

Some research suggests that choosing a specialised postpartum girdle can also help you recover from a problem linked to giving birth – disatasis recti. Explained in simple terms, this is the separation between the left and the right side of the abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis). Increased pressure on the abdominal muscles during pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most common contributing factors.

How to Wear a Cincher after Giving Birth

Just like with all other kinds of waist training, getting into it gradually is imperative. Right after giving birth, give yourself some time to recover and to get used to the new daily routine. Once you feel comfortable, you can get started with waist training.

Don’t overdo it in the beginning. Start with one hour and use the loosest type of cincher. If you feel ok with the compression, you can get the cincher tightened a bit and you can wear it for a longer period of time.

Don’t wear a waist trainer for more than three hours per day during the first weeks. With the passage of time, you can begin increasing the number of hours. Wearing a postpartum cincher for 40 to 60 days after giving birth will give you the best results and make your tummy flatter.

Should You Buy a Specialised Postpartum Cincher?

Specialised Postpartum Cincher

Just like with all other kinds of waist training, choosing a high quality product is one of the prerequisites for success.

As already mentioned, postpartum cinchers are specialised. Apart from being softer than the typical boned variety, they also put more emphasis on tightening the tummy. Right after giving birth, it would be best to opt for such a product. With the passage of weeks and months, you can switch from a postpartum girdle to a traditional waist trainer.

A Few Additional Tips and Suggestions

Just like you would talk to your doctor about nutrition or the selection of the best workout routine, you may want to discuss the use of a postpartum girdle with your physician. Your doctor will have your health assessed and determine if the garment is recommended for you.

It’s a good idea to start doing some research and buying the right item before giving birth. This way, you’ll have the right postpartum girdle right from the start and you can start wearing it when you feel ready.

Always invest in a quality product and don’t pick the most inexpensive option on the market. Proper tummy and lumber support will make you feel good, improve your posture and enable you to get back in shape almost immediately after giving birth.

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