Best Corset Tops

It is time to treat yourself to an end of the year gift with an embellished designer corset. Now that corsets have become to go-to item in a woman’s closet, you will discover a plethora of excellent corset designers crafting handmade bodices just for you.

Experience a Corset

Couture corsets are probably the most luxurious item a woman could put on. Made to fit your own unique body, they are designed with your wishes in fabrics, embellishments and style.

Rich fabrics are used such as burgundy velvets and silk brocades. Added details can be as intricate as tiny pearls or diamond studding. Corset makers are incredibly creative, adding their own flair and delicate touches to wrap a woman in complete beauty.

The time for corsets has arrived. There is no better time than now to invest in this look.

How much better can corsets get? When you are ready to delight in a couture corset, here are a few ideas to get you there.


Sparklewren will express your feminine side with inspirations found in their embellishments. They spend weeks creating a one-of-kind stunning corsets for their customers. These corsets wrapped in layers of eloquent fabrics and jeweled details are more like art pieces than clothing.

Flo Foxworthy

Find your inner show girl in these glamorous burlesque creations. There is no limit where you can go in design with corsets deep in pin-up girl styles. These corsets are meant to maximize the ultimate tigress in you. This fabulous house specializes in transgender fits. They also shine in the medical and waist training corsets.


The couture collection at Royalback will take your breath away. Their unique designs are red carpet wear. Whether it is inspired by a fairytale princess or a vamp, each piece is made with exquisite detail. The bodices are what dreams are made of.

Crikey Aphrodite

This couture house knows how to fit a full bust. They are expert bra fitters by day and can cut lines with perfection and offer the best support in their couture corsets. Some of their collection is simple, allowing the corset to be worn under the clothing. They also include corset influence into clothing, such as wedding dresses.

Pop Antique

This is an eco-conscious, organic couture house offering up a wide selection of silks and coutil. They also use hemp and organic cotton in their dazzling creations. They begin their custom corsets with fabrics of subtle luminosity and finish strong with a high degree of personification.

Dark Garden

Dark Garden creates outfits for a wide variety of occasions. They have designed corsets from galas to Burning Man to red carpets. These corset designers are in touch with modern trends and recognized experts in historical period fashions. They adorn your body with elegance and grace in ways you would have never imagined. This couture is becoming increasingly popular for their own way with a woman’s curves.

Wilde Hunt

These delicate corsets begin with a gentle foundation and develop into complex scenes appliquéd onto the bodices. Leather is the main theme here, making this couture house simple and simply unique, like art.

Daze of Laur

The talented Laurie Tavan takes on history in her classic designs. She uses color blocking and graphic stripes to tell her story. These antique-inspired pieces are detailed in every turn, showing us historic corsets need not be plain or boring.

Bizarre Design

Bizarre Design creations are featured on a variety of corsetry websites with a huge following of believers in Jeroen Van Der Klis’s work. The amazing line of corsets feature classic fetish pieces so refined, it is no wonder these designs have caught the eyes of corset audiences. The tightlacing corsets are exemplary, and have been since the late 1980’s.

Be Tempted

Look for all the new varieties of corsets and waist trainers coming onto market. Corset makers are coming up with some delicious new creative edges. Brocade fabric has never looked so elegant, so innocent and so showgirl all at the same time.

The old- School thought is that corsets are only used to spice up the bedroom. Now they take the spice outside the bedroom and into everyday life. As they become more popular again in mainstream, corsets are being worn for many reasons. It could be a night out on the town, or for waist training and cinching.

Let this be the year for to indulge in the best wardrobe item around. Every woman’s closet should offer a peek of a corset top or a full bodice, even if the excitement is only selfishly their own. Be tempted.

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