Classic Corsets for Great Fun and Appeal at the Right Time

Fashion always changes and it has great contribution to the society. However, women often introduce new trends and they really love it. Although women have more emotion and sensual appeal naturally, but when they choose dresses like the classic corsets, they tend to create an aura of personal ego that someone tells them about their good look.

The main point to mention is that it is very important to wear those classic corsets in some suitable times. It’s an awesome idea for most women to dress-up with sexy corsets for love in romantic time. For this you can use satin and lace, baubles and bows or hot gowns as your choice. Also, it might surprise you that you can appear in lingerie and feel elegant and feminine in other places as well apart from your bedroom.

How do you feel during the Halloween? Well, it may sound strange but you will find many folks who are often wild or crazy about costumes at Halloween. However, some women love to have fun and enjoyment with classic corsets during the time. Also, you may see that the classic corsets can be a part of a masquerade dress-ups and costumes. It’s all about being stylish and modern with a classic appearance.

Classic Corsets with zipper

Pros and Cons of Choosing Classic Corsets with Zipper:

If you see the customer reviews of these classic corsets with zipper, you will definitely get a clear picture about the quality of the nice product. The customer ratings are also satisfactory and great based on the reviews. Moreover, you will find the following Pros and Cons by analyzing what people have to say about Feel Foxy for choosing the product.

The main advantages of Classic and Sexy Corsets are:

  • The classic corsets with zipper are a better way to show-off your sensational figure with a focus on the waist instead of a body-hugging dress.
  • It compresses bulges on your abdomen.
  • It helps to slim your waist and back.
  • It has great contribution to control your abdominal problems;
  • The corset has a classic look and feel;
  • It is made with the highest quality materials for comfortable feelings.

The main disadvantages of Classic and Sexy Corsets are:

  • A customer complained about the increased price but later agreed that the complete package was worth the money. 

A Brief History and Characteristics of Feel Foxy and Classic Corset with Zipper

Classic Corsets with zipper 2

For a woman’s desire of nice plump rear trunk, in 2004, Feel Foxy was opened. It is opened with only one product in a store. However, within a few months, she started to receive a great number of emails with the request to showcase buttock enhancing products. Just for the curvy butts here to stay but to out the flat butts! Nowadays a lot of women buttock enhancing products is available all over the world. But, the Feel Foxy is the number one seller for its reputation.

By thinking the women’s need they brought patented padded panties for the first time in 2011 and got a great response from the women for these exclusive and comfortable products. Now it has become a popular store for the women to choose their favorite products what they look for. Also, they are really enhancing self-esteem of the women and their figures as well. Feel foxy has a lot of clients of all profession and ages like actresses, celebrities, showgirls, medical patients, plastic surgeons and many more. They have a great but very simple philosophy to treats their customers with respect, kindness and honesty.


The classic corsets with zipper are considered high for its great compression. These are made by three layers. Among them the outer layer is comprised of a spandex or cotton lining while the internal layer is comprised of 100% latex rubber and the last layer is a soft spandex or cotton which lays against your skin for soft feelings.


You can use the classic and sexy corsets to get a complete and finished look. While wearing an evening dress with this waist cincher create a fabulous confidence in your mind. With its double hook-and-eye, you can close the zip and feel the real compression. You may wash it easily with cold hand wash and lay flat to dry them.

 Exclusive & Special Benefits-

The classic corset brings a great appearance to the women. It is really a better way to show-off your sensational figure with a focus on the waist instead of a body-hugging dress. Also, it helps to slim your waist and back, compress bulges on your abdomen and has rods for maintaining a poster of a model. Also, you may closure with its double hook-and-eye by zip front and can feel the real compression more easily. It is quite comfortable and it definitely cinches your waist and back nicely and gives you that perfect hourglass shape and accentuates your curves. You can find various sizes of classic corsets with zipper as per your body shape.


After all, the classic corsets are perfect for the women of all types of body shape and equally effective for them to give a proper body shape. So, why do you late? Just order the classic corset now and get back your fit young body and modern lifestyle!


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