How Long should You Wear a Waist Trainer for?

Have you done some research about waist training already? If so, you probably feel confused and you can’t decide what the best strategy is. Some say that a waist trainer should be used for eight hours per day or even more. Others don’t recommend wearing the garment for more than one hour per day.

Which one is it?

Are waist trainers safe? Do they produce permanent results? If so, how long should you wear a waist trainer to see a permanent change? The following guide will give you the answers.

Daily Use of a Waist Trainer

There’s no universal answer when it comes to the daily use of a waist trainer. Some people feel fine wearing the trainer all day long, others can’t stand the compression for more than a couple of hours.

The answer to this question also depends on the type of waist trainer chosen. A mesh trainer is usually a bit more stretchy. It’s great for beginners and it can be worn for a longer period of time.

People that want to see quick results will opt for the heavy duty waist trainers. These garments are equipped with steel boning that maintains the shape of the cincher. It also draws the waist in a bit more than the softer varieties of waist trainers.

If you’re just getting started, you may want to try a stretchier fabric and limited compression. Begin with one hour of using the corset. In a week’s time, you can increase the use to three hours per week. Gradually, continue increasing the number of hours to speed up the effect of the trainer.

Remember that the cincher should never feel extremely uncomfortable. If you’re feeling any unusual effects or if the girdle is leaving you breathless, chances are that it’s too tight. You should either opt for a looser variety or you should use the girdle for a shorter period of time.

When will the Results Become Permanent?

This is the second common questions concerning the long-term use of waist cinchers. Advertisers claim that the daily use of such garments will make the results permanent, resulting in a beautiful hourglass shape and a slim waist.

These claims are actually true. This is the ultimate goal of waist training and if you’re consistent, you’ll lose some weight and you’ll also redefine your bodily shape. Depending on the number of hours during which you wear the waist trainer, the amount of time needed to get permanent results will vary.

To lose a couple of inches from their waist, most women need anywhere between one and three months of daily cincher use. After that, the continuous use of the garment is considered to bring additional loss of approximately one inch per month.

A few additional factors like lifestyle and nutrition will have a major impact on the outcome. The best results will be observed by the women that do a little bit of exercise and avoid junk foods.

Take Your Time, Choose the Right Cincher!

The quality of the cincher matters when you’re doing waist training. If you’re consistent, you will not see results by choosing a low quality product.

The best waist trainers have structure and boning. They’re made of elastic materials capable of compressing the waist sufficiently. Softer and stretchier fabrics can also work but the outcome will be seen in a much longer period of time.

Good waist trainers also provide lumbar and tummy support. Don’t rely solely on ads and celebrity endorsements. Do your research when choosing such items. Read reviews and assess the experiences of actual women. Test the waist trainers for yourself, especially if a friend has such a garment. By testing it on, you can figure out whether the model is the right one and if you feel comfortable with it.

Unfortunately, there’s no universal answer when it comes to how long you should wear a waist trainer. Each body responds differently to the use of the garment. If you’re patient and you waist train every single day, however, you’ll see results in a couple of months. The best aspect of doing waist training is that your body shape will change immediately after you put the cincher on, giving you more confidence and enabling you to rock just about any outfit.

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