How To Make A Waist Cincher ?

Without no doubt, a waist cincher remain an undergarment used to design a smaller waistline. It can as well be used to create a smaller dramatic hourglass shape. If it is properly worn, this garment can be used to minimize a lady’s waist dimension by a few inches in an ephemeral of time. It is important to know that most corsets are costly to purchase.

On this note, learning how to design your own waist cincher will help to save you money, time and again. This can be done by simply searching for a perfect waist cincher design and using quality sewing skills. However, this will help greatly on how to make a waist cincher cheaply.

9 Steps to Make A Waist Cincher

Step 1:

The first step to take is by purchasing a waist cincher design or pattern. You can find most of these designs online or in your local craft store and fabric selling outlets. Nevertheless, it is possible to design your own style. Ensure to take a perfect measurement of your rib cage.

Go ahead to measure your natural waist and the length of the armpit. You will have to take note of these measurements and simply transfer them to the design paper. Ensure to create a crescent shape beneath the pattern paper. Now, you can go ahead to cut alongside the longest area of the design to form 2 sections.

Step 2:

You can ensure to position the design over your fabric. Ensure to carefully pin it down to get the best results. Go ahead the trace one inch around the design and cut the trade line.

Step 3:

At this point, you will have to take another piece of the material. Using the second design panel, you cut the fabric to shape. The same cutting and pinning strategies should be repeated. For the inner lining, you can use a different type of material and repeat.

Step 4:

The next step is to position the right ends of the outer and inner pieces together and pin. You will have to sew a seam attaching the design line traced. Ensure to leave a gap to enable you turn the material inside out.

Step 5:

Next on the list is to fold the gap seam. This should be done closed while ensuring to sewing the upper section of seam along the edge of the entire panel.

Step 6:

You can make use of a fabric pen and a ruler to measure out one inch from the seam. For every other inch, you can ensure to make a mark where your eyelets will be positioned on the waist cincher. Ensure that your markings and ruler are straight.

Step 7:

For every mark you make, you can ensure to cut the holes. It is important not to make the holes too big for your eyelets. To insert the eyelets from the right side, you can ensure to use a hand press. This will help you get the best results ever.

Step 8:

For the rest of the holes marked, you can ensure to repeat the steps. For the second panel, ensure to repeat the steps for the eyelet and sewing. Ensure to position the 2 panels right side together. Go ahead and sew a bean to the connect them.

Step 9:

You can lease up your corset using a long ribbon. This should be a loose crisscross pattern.


It is important not to have a loose waist cincher. For this reason, it is expedient to have a form-fitting waist cincher. One important thing to know when planning to make a waist cincher is the correct measurement. Ensure to measure your design on several occasions prior to cutting.

Ensure to avoid washing your cincher in the washing machine. Applying a gentle spot clean process will help your waist cincher to last for a long time. This should be done when soiled or dirty. With this idea, you can be free from any stress attached with creating your own waist cincher.

Creating your own waist cincher is not a difficult task. The most important thing to know is using the right product and proper measurement. This idea will help greatly on how to make a waist cincher. You can give it a try now to see how it works. You will also be happy with the whole process.

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