Know How To Lace A Corset

You have a waist cincher but you do not know how to lace a corset; then what is the worth in it? Its literally nothing! If you are not even acquainted with how you need to prepare your corset laces, then you won’t even be able to wash your corset/ waist cincher regularly. Cleaning and washing a waist cincher require part by part cleaning where you’ll certainly need to pull the laces out of the corset of it. Although lacing a corset seems very little necessary but when the waist cincher is lovely and costly, you’ll need it very badly!


How to lace a corset at home on your own:

If you give your waist cincher to any laundry services, then they will do everything you need. From cleaning the waist cincher properly to cleaning and washing the laces; from drying the waist cincher to lacing the corset at its back; everything will be done within the service. However, cleaning such waist cinchers at laundry services costs way higher than you can afford for a single piece of clothing. If you are up to cleaning the waist cincher and the laces at home, then that will just be best feasible. In that case, you’ll need to lace your own corset very to lace a corset

Although there are different types of lacing methods for a corset, but in this guide, you are about to learn about the simplest way to lace a corset. Moving forward point by point, you’ll get acquainted with how to lace a corset simultaneously-

  1. Make sure that you’ve taken a dry lace on both of your hands. Stretch the lace to its fullest extent in order to remove any inertial tension. Make sure that the lace is dry. If required, pull all the water spots out of it through clenching.
  2. Place the waist cincher as like the eyelets of the corset is facing you. Make sure that the outer portion of the corset is in front of your eyes.
  3. Now get the lace through the top two eyelets from inside to outside (towards you) and leave the corset downside. Make sure that the corset is having at least doubled length of the waist cincher height on both of those two eyelet sides. Otherwise, the lace won’t cover all the eyelets and complete the lacing cycle of the corset (this is one of the best methods to determine how much length of corset you’ll require for a specific waist cincher/corset).
  4. Then just move across with the lace on both sides (just like making a cross on the upper side of the cincher). After that, just dip the lace to the second eyelets on both sides. This will take the lace to the back side of the corset.
  5. After the lace is on the back side, take the lace just one step below to the next eyelet. In this eyelet, take the lace out of this one on both sides. This will eventually seem like a butterfly knot being made.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 continuously to the end of the corset eyelets. However, in the last portion, you will get two different results depending upon the number of the eyelets on both sides of the corset (either even or odd). It is always better if the number of eyelets on both sides is odd particularly. You’ll be able to complete a perfect diagonal tie on 4 eyelets on two sides (means 2 eyelets on 2 sides) and the last eyelet pair will be helpful to tie the overall knots with the corset.

Things you need to remember while lacing a corset:

Lacing a corset isn’t that much tough once you’ve taught how to lace a corset well proficiently. But you need to maintain some strict rules and regulations while you are lacing a corset. The following shall be quoted in this regard-

  1. While you are lacing your corset, make sure that corset is held strictly with any reference for your lacing ease. Otherwise, you’ll feel discomfort and hassles while lacing.
  2. Make sure that you do exactly the same tasks on both sides of the corset eyelets. Otherwise, a mistake on a side will just cause total disruption on lacing.
  3. After every step you follow from the above, make sure to tighten the laces on both sides. This is mandatory otherwise; lacing on the corset won’t be firm and rigid. You’ll see a portion loose, another portion tight and so on.


Waist cincher is one of the best solutions for a woman to look beautiful. It not only helps to reduce waist size and look outrageous but also helps to make physical change. If you buy a waist cincher worth heavy weight from your pocket, then you need to maintain it regularly. In order to its’ maintenance, lacing is one of the primary tasks because without it, you won’t be able to even wear it. Therefore, it is high time you’ve learnt how to lace a corset before buying a new one!

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