6 Steps to Trim Your Waistline in 2016

Getting to shrink your waist is one of the fitness goals that will have an immediate impact on your appearance. A tiny waist gives you that spectacular hourglass shape, enabling you to wear anything that you want.

If 2016 is the year during which you consider getting in shape, you may want to give the following six techniques a try. They’ll make your waist tiny and boost your self-confidence significantly.

Interval Training

Aerobic or cardio exercises are ideal for getting rid of the fat and enjoying a slimmer silhouette. Interval training is ideal for accentuating your waist within a relatively short period of time.

Interval training refers to short spurts of harsh cardio exercises that are alternated with lighter workouts. For example, you may want to do burpees and mountain climbers (for three minutes) and follow up with three minutes of walking or a light jog.

These short intervals have been proven to be optimal for intense fat burning. On top of giving you an opportunity to get rid of the fat while exercising, interval training will keep your body shedding those pounds even in the hours after the workout.

Eat the Right Foods


Processed junk doesn’t have a place in your pantry. If you want a healthy and beautiful body, you should get in the habit of eating the right foods.

Get rid of the chips, crackers, sodas and everything containing sugar, high glucose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats. If it comes from a packet, you should probably avoid it. Cook your own meals. Focus on proteins, fruits, veggies and the healthy lipids coming from sources like coconut oil, salmon, tuna, avocados and nuts.

Choose the Right Exercises


Some exercises are much more effective in terms of giving you a tiny waist than others. Choose your workout routine carefully.

To get a tiny waist fast, you may want to add jump rope skipping, hip thrusts, bicycle crunches, burpees, ski twists, side planks and vertical hip lifts to your workout routine. These exercises target the fat in the waist region that’s difficult to burn.

Do Waist Training

Waist training is simple and it gets the job done. To enjoy its benefits, you’ll have to buy the best cincher or waist trainer. The cincher is a garment that’s similar to a corset but it’s a lot more comfortable to wear.

You’ll get the best results by wearing a waist trainer during a workout. There are several workout cinchers varieties on the market. These comfortable products stretch and flex enough, enabling you to move in the gym. In addition, they make you sweat more and speed up the fat burning effect.

Deal with Your Bad Habits

Need more reasons to stop smoking and cut on alcohol consumption? If you deal with these harmful habits right now, you’ll enjoy a tinier waist.

Alcohol contains empty calories and no beneficial nutrients. You may think that going on a “liquid” diet will help you lose weight but this isn’t the case. If anything, alcohol will make it a lot easier for your body to start storing fat.

Studies also suggest that smokers have more belly fat than non-smokers. Remember the old cliché that cigarettes keep you thin? Science has proven the exact opposite. Talk to your physician if you’re finding it difficult to quit. The two of you will come up with the best plan that will simplify the process and guarantee your success.

Hydrate Yourself

By hydration, we mean water. H2O! Nothing else! Being properly hydrated speeds up your metabolism. In addition, sipping on water throughout the day is great for controlling cravings and reducing hunger.

Do your best to drink more than the recommended eight glasses of water per day, especially if you’re wearing a latex waist trainer that’s making you sweat. Water will help you detox your body and it will also reduce belly bloating.

Trimming your waistline isn’t that difficult but you have to be consistent. Moderate exercise, patients and a couple of dietary improvements will give you the results you’ve always been hoping for. Don’t underestimate the power of additional tools and workout accessories like cinchers. They will speed up the process significantly.

The Large, Small, Short, Long Corset for Waist Training

Are you ready to trim those inches from your waist? Wearing a waist trainer requires a perfect fit for perfect results. A sloppy fitted bodice is fast to discourage and fast to be uncomfortable enough to not ever put it on again. Because every woman’s body is different, not all brands on the rack are going to measure up. Shopping for your first corset may seem like a challenge, but all this can be settled with a little bit of learning.

Corsets made in mass production are not encouraged to produce a fabulous fit. A waist trainer corset is a piece of clothing that you will need your absolute best measurements with. If you have a large bust, you are going to want a different style than say someone with a long waist who will need a long corset for waist training.

Let’s examine some of these concerns and show practical solutions so when you buy your waist trainer or a corset, you will have conquered the biggest issues.

Large Busts

If you are sporting a large bust, seek out the over bust corsets, as they are going to be more comfortable and offer more support in the long run. Over bust corsets distribute your weight and will keep away the pain of straps cutting into your shoulders.  Try to avoid any corset which gives you “quad boob”. That is when the corset is too low and cuts in too deep at the breast line.

Small Busts

If you have a bust smaller than a B cup can opt for a flat front style, giving the illusion of larger breasts. Buying off the rack and discovering the bust is too loose doesn’t have to be a failure. Try padding the corset.

Small Hips

Women with small hips can get a wasp-waist with a corset that nips right under the ribs.  Any corset is going to improve your hips with an hourglass, but a sharp hip spring is going to create a more dramatic effect. Those with a natural hourglass shape should always try to buy a corset with a sharp hip spring.

Big Stomachs

Full-figured women always seem to be able to pull off a corset well. If you have a rounded stomach consider how well a longline style will do. Adjust to your torso length to minimize the emphasis on the belly.  Wear a panty which smoothly under laps the bottom of your corset to minimize the effects of displaced flesh from the tummy area. This also carries true with long corsets for waist training.

Long Torsos

If your body type is a long torso, avoid the longline corsets and pick out a short-hip style corset. You could also wear an underbust style to break up the torso line. Make certain if you go for an over bust corset that the bust line is high enough to be flattering, to offer lift and to give support.

Short Torsos

These body types can be trickier than the rest due to the corset being too long and cutting into the flesh when you sit down. When trying the corset on, especially in off-the-rack styles, always do the sit down test to see if the boning is poking into your thighs. At the other end, you could experience prodding at the bottom of your breasts. Many women with short torsos require alterations of their corsets for these reasons.  Check out a pointed silhouette type corset which is longer in the center front but shorter at the sides.

Big Shoulders

Choose to wear some kind of straps such as a cross-back style or a halter to minimize the look of big or wide shoulders. If you just have to have a strapless, then choose a sweetheart neckline. A boxy or flat front corset is going to draw attention to the shoulders.


This is pertaining to posture. Each corset maker is going to have a unique posture to the bodice. It is important to avoid corsets designed for flat- backed upright posture if you are swayback. Your corset may buckle at the waist as a result. Yet, if you are flat-backed but your corset is not, you could begin tipping your pelvis backwards to accommodate the difference.

This guide may help you to understand that all corsets are not alike.  As each woman’s body is different from the next, the same goes for corsets. To be able to love wearing your beautiful garment, take the necessary time to get a perfect fit. It is that important.