Where to Buy Plus Size Corsets

Maybe you have noticed lately our ideals about what is beautiful is changing drastically, and for the better. Women in other countries carrying plump curves are the common lust of men. They are reveled for bodacious breasts, thighs, and rear ends. Thanks to women around the globe, our idea of what is beautiful now encompasses every shape and size. Let’s face it, women are just exciting—any way they arrive, as long as they arrive.

What does it mean to arrive?

Simply put, to accept your feminine, sensual self so completely that your confidence pours out when you walk. There is nothing wrong with adorning a beautiful jeweled corset and a pair of heels to help you do this. Take a good look at a confident woman. She may not be perfect in features, or in body shape, but she is moving like lion through the crowd. Your size is irrelevant, what matters is your attitude about yourself.

And this is why woman love corsets.

Aside from the instantaneous slimming and silhouette curves, a corset helps a woman to arrive. As soon as she puts the luscious bodice on, the mind starts her engine, and she accepts the all-embracing ride. If you are a plus size woman, you need to try a corset on. For some reason, woman who pack a little more oomph seem to look incredibly sexier in corsets than any other type of woman.

If you are ready to take the confidence walk, we have some great plus size corsets places to begin your corset journey. Where to buy plus size corsets is easy, the hard part is picking only one.

Most well-known OTR corset companies carry corset sizes for natural waists up to and around 40″. However, what if your waist size is over 40 inches around? What if it’s over 50 inches? 60 inches? Full-figured people deserve beautiful corsets too, All of the following businesses offer corsets larger than 40″. There are many corsetieres than these listed that offer larger-sized corsets; a personal email or consultation will do the trick.

Please note that some of these companies charge a markup for larger sizes. If you would like to learn more about any of the following corset companies and their pricing policy, please contact them directly.

Orchard Corset offers steel boned underbust corsets up to size 46″, which would fit up to a recommended natural waist of 56″.  Since fuller-figured corset wearers often require more length, check out their CS-426 in cotton. While they do charge more for sizes 32-46″, it’s only $1 more for each successive size so the largest option is still only $87, by far the least expensive option in this list.

Dark Garden Corsetry also offers standard-sized and custom-fit corsets for full-figured corset wearers. Their standard Valentine over bust is cut particularly for curvy clientele, and DG is also comfortable making corset sizes well over 40″ for those that upgrade to custom fit. Anyone who finds themselves in the San Francisco area is invited to have a personal fitting at Dark Garden’s boutique.

Electra Designs is comfortable making corsets for women with waists well over 40″, and Alexis has expressed excitement about making more corsets (and purchasable corset patterns!) for full figured customers in the coming year. Featured above is her lovely bridal client

Hips & Curves is a popular plus-size lingerie site that carries corsets in sizes 28″ up to 44″ (recommended natural waists from 30″ to 49″). Their “Luxe Steel-Boned Corsets” section offers standard-sized under busts and over busts starting from $130. They also have a great 60-day refund policy on all their garments.

Totally Waisted! Corsets caters to full-figured clientele. They offer made-to-measure corsets no matter your size. Kate’s commissions are almost always heavily boned and she uses the highest quality materials she can find.

Forever in Black is a UK business that’s been creating corsets since 1995, adding historical costume and Goth/Steam punk clothing to the list of offerings. Their standard sized corsets go up to a 42″ closed waist, and custom corsets like the Belladonna over bust.

If you are shopping online, be sure to size properly. Corset companies use different sizing charts for their products. Always as about their return policy and check reviews.

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